Chinese Herbal Medicine

Pelvic SteamWarms and Enhances Circulation

An ancient custom with modern relevance, the pelvic steam is a completely private and relaxing experience that warms and enhances circulation throughout the entire pelvis. When herbs are utilized with the steam, their healing properties are infused throughout the pelvis and bloodstream via the permeable uterine membrane. A steam takes approximately 30minutes. The session also includes aromatherapy, soothing music or recorded meditations depending on client preference. Special care is given to ensure cleanliness and personal hygiene.

  • Stand alone treatment $45
  • Can be added to a 60 minute massage for $120
  • Can do 30 minute massage, 30 minute steam for $90

When to steam:

  • Dark thick blood at beginning and/or end of menses
  • Painful menses
  • Sacral pain
  • To increase cervical fluid
  • Tone the pelvic floor
  • Encourage warmth and circulation throughout the pelvis

When not to steam:

  • If there is a possibility of pregnancy or confirmed conception
  • Presence of infection
  • IUD
  • Excessively heavy menses (consult ATMAT practitioner)

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