Mother WarmingA healthy mama equals a healthy family

At Thank You Mama we understand and honor your passage into motherhood. We offer treatments, herbs and guidance to make this transition as wonderful as possible. We are currently providing Warming the Mother treatments to postpartum mamas to preserve the mother's essence and rejuvenate her body and soul. Warming the Mother, also known as Mother Roasting, is a traditional technique of bodywork, acupressure and abdominal warming that has roots across the globe. Each treatment is tailored to individual needs, and includes abdominal massage to reestablish muscle tone, belly wrapping with castor oil pack to warm and re-orientate core muscles, acupressure at key points for energy balancing, and deep relaxation massage for muscles taxed from motherhood such as the shoulders and hips. Mamas can receive this treatment within the first two weeks till three months postpartum. We feel that caring for yourself during the postpartum period is just as important as the time during pregnancy, because a healthy mama equals a healthy family.

90 minute Mother Warming Session:$120
2 hour Mother Warming Session: $155

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