Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Your Acupuncture Physician is also a trained Herbalist. Herbal medicines are a major pillar in the traditional Chinese medicine treatment protocol. Following the initial assessment of your body, she will prescribe an herbal medicine formula that will be formulated in raw tea, powder or pill form or will be chosen from a premade traditional remedy. She may also use her advanced training in nutritional counseling to make suggestions for supplements and/or help you identify if you are getting the most out of your current regimen.

You may make an appointment with the physician that does not include acupuncture, but may include assessment, herbal formulation and nutritional guidance. Traditional Herbal medicine is designed to bring balance to the system, therefore it is our ultimate goal to have you on as few things as possible and to maintain your new balance through an improved lifestyle.

Initial Herbal Assessment and plan for Adult - $90
Follow up Visits - $55
Initial Herbal for Assessment and Plan Minor under 12 - $75
Follow up Visits - $45

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