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Fertility Massage

Preconception Massage

Get in optimal physical and emotional shape for conception with Therapeutic Massage and Maya Abdominal Therapy targeting stress reduction, proper alignment of body structures, increased circulation, system cleansing, lifestyle changes, fertility awareness and diet therapy.

Prenatal Massage

Every woman's experience of pregnancy is unique. We offer therapeutic massage to address any challenges or discomforts that may arise during this special time. Our certified therapists are trained to address stress relief, pelvic floor release, carpal tunnel, TMJ, hip and back pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, high risk pregnancy, swelling, acupressure induction, and Maya Abdominal Therapy for proper alignment of the uterus.

Postnatal Massage

Now is the time to regain balance and renew. We provide treatment to restore the abdomen, rebalance posture and movement patterns, reduce the strain of mothering tasks, relieve cesarean adhesions, and give emotional support.

  • We provide massage therapy, acupuncture & herbal medicine for the whole family.
  • Packages are available and make great gifts!
  • We teach massage techniques to your birth partner, ask for details.

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