Chinese Herbal Medicine

AcupuncturePrevention Healing Support

Your Acupuncture Physician has had extensive training in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM ) and is recognized as a primary care physician in the state of Florida. Through conversation, palpation and diagnosis of the pulse and tongue, your physician will thoroughly explore your history and all of the possible sources of disharmony in your system . From that point, your acupuncture physician will deduce a diagnosis that fits into the Chinese medicine system of harmonizing the body’s energies. We use all the modalities at our disposal such as acupuncture, herbal Medicines, cupping, tui-na massage and nutritional counseling to guarantee that you not only feel better on your way home but also have a plan for continued health. With a relationship with someone that knows your body, you are able to consult with your acupuncture physician from anything that disturbs the ease of your life from acute discomforts to chronic pain and disease. In addition, your Thank You Mama Acupuncture Physician has advanced training in Gynecological, Fertility and Pregnancy issues.

Initial Assessment and Treatment - 1.5 hours $170
Follow Up Treatments - 1 hour $95
Minor under 12 Initial Assessment with Treatment Acupuncture/Shoni shin- $125
Minor Follow up Treatments - $75

Fees include all modalities used at time of service such as acupuncture, tui-na, cupping, moxibustion, nutritional counseling and more.

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